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More Design Possibilities

Many designers have abandoned the use of Marble because of maintenance problems. TuffSkin has solved this age old challenge. Design with the client’s desires for beautiful natural stone and a practical hospitality surface.Designers, do you have clients who return to you with co...(continue reading).

Why does natural stone etch & stain?

Why does natural stone etch & stain?Etching & staining is an age-old problem that has affected every aspect of the stone industry. Those pesky ring marks, wine stains and lemon marks eat away at the stone and are impossible to clean. Everyone from housekeepers in a hote...(continue reading).

Radio Interviews

We were on the The Stone and Tile Show. It's a great overview of what makes TuffSkin a quality product worth installing. You can listen here:, we were on the Conversations with Dav...(continue reading).