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Care and Maintenance

With proper care, TuffSkin will serve you well for years. Ask your dealer for estimate life expectancy for your project.

Important Care and Maintenance

Congratulations on the installation of TuffSkin Surface Protection on your stone tops. This high tech lamination is installed directly to the surface of the stone with an adhesive. The useful life span of the product depends on the normal wear and tear and how it is cared for. TuffSkin is a maintenance product that is designed to be replaced.

TuffSkin Care & Maintenance:

Cleaning TuffSkin is simple! You may use any stone cleaner or glass cleaner to clean the surface. Final buffing can be done with a dry micro fiber towel.

Do not use abrasives like Comet or Softscrub. Do not scrub with steel wool or scrape with razor blades.

Do not attempt to peel the product away from stone. TuffSkin is made to be replaceable in case of damage. It is possible to peel it back with a knife or, with enough effort, even a fingernail. Please do not attempt to peel your investment.

TuffSkin peeled away from the stone is intentional damage and is not covered under your warranty.

Use a cutting board. Do not cut, chop, or slice on your counter tops. TuffSkin can be cut and scratched. Respect your beautiful stone tops as if there was no coating. If any section of TuffSkin does scratch, simply call for a removal and replacement service knowing your marble itself is not scratched. Replacement costs are similar to your original invoice cost. This removal and replacement cost over the years is the TuffSkin Maintenance Program. It keeps marble looking better longer and at a low cost with no etching or staining.

TuffSkin Benefits:

Hot plates or pans, blow dryers or curling irons, do not affect the coating. TuffSkin withstands temps of up to 400 .

Oils do not soak into the coating and can be wiped off easily.

Acids like Lemons, Wine, and Vinegar do not affect the surface.

With proper care, TuffSkin will serve you well for years. Ask your dealer for estimate life expectancy for your project.

Lasting Beauty for Natural Stone

Please call 702-778-2272 or your local installer with any questions or concerns.

"We had TuffSkin installed in 202 bathroom vanities prior to our hotel's grand opening. The installation was quick and efficient. The TuffSkin installed in 2008 has kept our tops looking new ever since."

— Rod Hicken, Chief Engineer, Aliante Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV