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  • Tuff Skin is a proprietary stone laminate surface protection designed specifically to protect countertops, tables, bars and vanities fabricated from MARBLE, ONYX and TRAVERTINE.
  • Tuff Skin is constructed of 4 mil (.004) optically clear polyester with Stone Release Adhesive System.
  • Tuff Skin has a hard coat technology to resist wear.
  • Tuff Skin is liquid impermeable and gas permeable.
  • Tuff Skin allows .4625ccm of vapor transfer per 100 sq in. of TuffSkin in a 24 hr period.
  • Tuff Skin to be installed in as clean and dust free environment as possible.
  • Surfaces coated with TS to be cleaned with any non-abrasive cleaner using a soft cloth, paper towel or squeegee.
  • Tuff Skin is manufactured in two finishes: Gloss and Satin.
  • TuffSkin Quality Standard:
    • Coating to be installed as cleanly as possible. Perfect installations are not possible when dealing with natural stone and existing environmental conditions.
    • Customer/customer's representative to approve of sample installation prior to actual installation. The quality of the installation to be as good, or better, then the sample.
    • Manufacturer’s visual standard is as follows:
      • The surface protected with Tuff Skin when viewed from a distance of four (4) feet will be 95% free of flaws.
Thickness .004 (4-mil)
Liner Thickness .001 (1-mil)
Scratch Resistant Yes
Acid Resistant Yes
ASTM E84-98 Class A
ASTM E-162 Pass
ASTM E-662 Pass
ASTM F-372 Moisture Vapor
Stone Adhesive System Yes

Areas of Protection

  • Hotel Rooms & Restaurant/Bars – stains from wine, lemon/lime juice, coffee, etched rings.
  • Kitchen - stains from coffee, wine, oils, food & lemon/lime juice.
  • Bathrooms - stains from makeup, mouthwash, toothpaste, perfumes & coffee.

702-778-2272 • 6185 N Conquistador • Las Vegas, NV. 89149 •

"We had TuffSkin installed in 202 bathroom vanities prior to our hotel's grand opening. The installation was quick and efficient. The TuffSkin installed in 2008 has kept our tops looking new ever since."

— Rod Hicken, Chief Engineer, Aliante Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV